Air Ionization (part 1)

Beneficial effects of Air Ionization

Ions are electrically charged molecules or atoms in the atmosphere.

In other words, an ion is a molecule or an atom that receives sufficiently high energy to eject an electron. Negative ions have multiple positive health effects including:

  • Consistent benefits on anxiety, sleep and personal comfort.
  • Reduction of symptoms in depression, and seasonal disorders.  

Moreover, the feeling of well-being when entering a room containing negative ions is perceived instantly, like being in a marine or mountain location.

Air ionization on bacteria and viruses

Air ionization destroys micro-organisms (bactericidal effect) or inhibits their growth (bacteriostatic effect). The bactericidal effect of air ions is associated with a marked reduction in colony count.

With regard to viruses, ionization leads to a loss of infectivity. Negative ions and thus the oxidizing species are also effective against Sars-Cov-2.

Grinp company with its patent can produce non-thermal plasma, which generates negative ions and oxidizing species. Moreover, with this breakthrough technology is possible to destroy bacteria and viruses and at the same time to get rid of fine particulates and dust mites.

In our next article we will see how negative ions can eliminate fine particulates matter and dust mites.