Odour removal

Odour emission is a growing issue, especially in the food processing industry, animal-waste treatment, oil-shale industry, restaurants and public places.

Currently, there are few odour abatement technologies available and the most used are chemical washing (scrubber) and bio-filtration, but they produce chemicals dense sludge, waste water or special waste to be disposed.

GRINP technology permits a sustainable, acids-free, water-free and waste-free odour removal process.

Pair Odour Abatement System is based on Grinp proprietary and patented plasma technology. Non thermal plasma produces a high quantity of highly reactive species of oxygen that are injected into the odorous air flow.

Reactive species oxidize odour molecules making them no longer perceptible.

The mechanisms that lead to the destruction of odorous substances are very similar to those already known for the destruction of VOCs.

In fact, chemically active and reactive species are those oxygen-based, such as radicals •OH, radicals •HO2, radicals •O that are able to attack odorous molecules causing controlled conversion into oxidation by-products.

Pair is the solution you are looking for:

  • It is modular and can suit any air flow

  • It is easy to install and easy to use (plug&play);

  • Plasma parameters can be adapted to the characteristics of the flow;

  • It has high abatement rate;

  • It is highly efficient and has low energy consumption;

  • It’s maintenance is not frquent and its cost is low;

  • The process does not need water* or chemicals;

  • It does not produce waste to dispose;

  • It does not need metane;

  • It does not produce CO2;

  • It is environmental friendly.

Dairy industry

10.000 m3

Food processing

10.000 m3

Paper mill

120.000 m3

Probiotics waste

10.000 m3

Automotive industry

50.000 m3

Paper mill

35.000 m3

Waste management

50.000 m3

Organic waste treatment

80.000 m3

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