Cavitational washing

Cavitational Washing and Neutrawashing

Grinp developed an innovative washing process capable of cleaning the fibre more efficiently than traditional water washing systems, using a considerably lower amount of water.

The cavitational washing and neutrawashing are made possible by a series of sonotrodes that generate ultrasounds and continuous nucleation.

The ultrasounds technology combined with a bubble jet system that creates high turbulence, allows a super efficient volumetric mass transfer.

The bubble jet technology creates a forced movement of water in contact with the surface of fabric, while the sonotrodes generate continuous nucleation. Nucleation is the process that represents the creation of microbubbles that are continuously and automatically created and destroyed, creating local micro energy spots on the fibre.

Traditional washing systems only use water movement and clean the fabric superficially, Grinp Cavitational Washing and Neutrawashing, thanks to the described ultrasounds technology, are able to clean the fibre from the inside, creating water movement also in the inner part of the fibre for a definitely deeper cleaning.

The ability to generate such water movement inside the fibre, allows reducing drastically the amount of water needed to obtain the desired cleanliness level.

The combination of deep water movement, volumetric mass transfer and microspotted energy make Grinp Cavitational Washing and Neutrawashing able to clean the fabric 15-20% more deeply than traditional water washing.

Grinp Cavitational Washing uses from 2 to 4 litres of water per kg of fabric for simple washing.

Grinp Cavitational Neutrawashing thanks to its precise combination of water and basic chemicals neutralizes the fabric/towel after the plasma steam process to make it ready for dyeing (RFD) at the desired Ph.