Grinp supplies tailored process solutions with innovative and reliable products as well as a comprehensive know-how in textile process engineering, always based on close collaboration and communication with clients.

Reliable industrial machinery for textile preparation, from desizing to Ready For Dyeing

Sustainable textile preparation processes to save water, save chemicals save enrgy and reduce costs

Grinp processes allow huge savings certified by LCA.

The referece process for the LCA here below is cotton fabric preparation for dyeing.

The keyword is sustainability

Today, sustainability is in the limelight. It is the guest of honour at conventions and events, it is a catchword for large companies and a widespread topic in many different sectors, ranging from agribusiness to the textile industry.

…but how did GRINP make its technology a keyword for sustainability?

The solution is to be found in the big brands’ tendency to go green, for this ensures a positive aesthetic value, as well as low environmental impact processes.

In order to fulfil such a wide-ranging project, we are cooperating with high-profile managers, willing to raise the bar for market standards, involving the entire production chain, so as to meet new requirements.

Our commitment to continuous research and environment protection led us to the development of machines that make industrial processes finally sustainable, reducing drastically the use chemicals, water and energy.

GRINP Plasma Technology is, in fact, guarantee of high performances, cost reduction and safeguard of our planet, not only because it is fashionable, but mostly because it’s now time to take care of it for us, our children, grandchildren…