Desizing of cotton

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Cotton fabric in its loom-state contains impurities and requires further treatment to be ready for the dyeing step. Traditional cotton cleaning and preparation involve then the use of several chemical agents to remove the size on the surface of the fibre.

Grinp developed a sustainable desizing process that reduces drasticaly the amount of water and chemicals needed to remove the size from the fibre.

The process is possible thanks to the combination of Grinp PLAtex plasma machin, Grinp cavitational impregnation unit and Grinp cavitational Washing Unit.

This combined system replaces traditional desizing of cotton making the preparation quick and sustainable.

Grinp waterless desizing main advatages are:

  • low water consumption;

  • no hazardous chemicals;

  • continuous process (NO stocking time)

  • compact design;

  • easy integration in bleaching line;

  • low operating costs.