Plasma processes

Plasma technlogy and plasma processes have been the core competence of Grinp for over 15 years.

Functionalization of cotton

Grinp plasma machine, named PLAtex, functionalizes the fabric using a specific combination of gases and power that make the fibre receptive to the chemicals used in the Cavitational Impregnation Unit.

The functionalization of the fibre makes it hydrophilic and incredibly receptive to impregnation, lowering the amount of chemicals needed to meet the desired goal.

Thinking about cotton bleaching, PLAtex Fun allows to run a process with a derisory quantity of chemicals, reducing fibre weakening, chemicals consumption and water for subsequent washings.

PLAtex fun processes are 100% dry, not a single drop of water is required for the process

Scouring of polyester

Grinp plasma machine, named PLAtex Scour, cleans polyester fabric from spinning oils or size.

Using a specific combination of gases and power plasma breaks oil molecules into smaller parts, making them soluble in water.

After plasma treatment the oil still on the fabric is soluble in water and is easily removed by Grinp cavitational washing in order to avoid the production of smoke during fabric stabilization phase.